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Wanda St. Hilaire

Freelance Writer & Author


All people have a story to telltheir hero's journey.

Ethical Legacy Letter

A last will and testament is vitally important to ensuring your transfer of wealth is legal, properly clarified, and easily dispersed. Yet frequently overlooked is the softer legacy letter— the missing personal pieces of you.

Different than a legal last will, the tradition of an Ethical Legacy Letter (Legacy Will) is a private message imparting love, personal history, and words of wisdom from one generation to the next. The letter conveys your values and what matters most to you.

Presenting a foundation of how and why you made your decisions, the letter can explain your rationale on the division of assets and philanthropic bestowments. As an adjunct to the material and monetary will, a legacy letter helps ensure cooperation and understanding between benefactors.


This is an opportunity to intimately share your true self. Your letter can include stories, traditions, impactful life events, regrets, gratitudes, passions, forgiveness, or an opportunity to make amends.

The experience of creating a legacy letter is a powerful and rewarding exercise. By reflecting on what has given your life meaning and what feeds your soul, you will feel a sense of accomplishment in a life well-lived. It can bring peace of mind and even inspire you to live more fully now.


You are gifting your family and future generations materially. Your Ethical Legacy Letter—a deeply personal extension of your will—is a piece of your heart that blesses family in a way money cannot.


If you'd like to share a captivating epilogue of your life with those you love, let's talk.


After publication of my memoir-style books, I learned something important; even strangers are struck with epiphanies, valuable insights, or inspiration reading about the journey of another's life.

Grieving people frequently wish they'd been left words to hold onto. The legacy letter can be a cherished gift for children, grandchildren, a spouse, a lover, friends, or a group.

We all want to be seen,known,
and remembered for who we are.


Your legacy letter can ...


  • Tell a personal story or reflections of your life journey

  • Tell family members how you feel about them

  • Create a personal legacy statement of your deepest values

  • Explain family traditions 

  • Historical events that impacted your life

  • Articulate your deepest values and how you live them

  • Heal relationships 

  • Advice (you've received or want to give)

  • Give blessings

  • Show gratitudes

  • Impart wisdom and life lessons

  • Share formative moments

  • Convey forgivenesses given and asked for

  • Apologies

  • Explain what you think your purpose is

  • Detail your passion for something and what it has meant

  • Secrets revealed

  • Explain your philanthropic choices

  • Division of asset choices

  • Send special messages

  • Hopes or wishes

  • Tell what you’d like your celebration of life to look like

  • Personalize it in whatever way you desire

The Process

Through carefully crafted questions, I’ll draw out thoughts, feelings, or misty memories you may have tucked away in the corners of your mind.


We may unearth things you have always wanted to say, but didn’t quite know how. As a seasoned author of real-life stories, I will capture the essence of you in a way you may not be able to, and write a compelling communiqué of your life to live on in perpetuity.

Ethical Legacy Letter

We begin with a relaxing 60 - 90 minute interview. It's an enjoyable process and you'll likely learn something new about yourself.

I live in the Okanagan; in person interviews are great, but I also do them via Whatsapp video, Facebook video, or Zoom. I can write for anyone, anywhere.

  • I will write your Ethical Legacy Letter up to 5 pages (in a Word document).

  •  You are free to create a more extensive story. (Each additional page will be $50.)

  • You are free to call after the interview if there's something you've forgotten and would like to add.

  • After I've completed the story, I'll send you the copy for your approval. If required, I'll do revisions and resend.

  • I will design the letter in a beautiful document based on your favorite colors and your personal style (with choice of graphic design option). I can include photos of your choice.

  • I will provide your Ethical Legacy Letter in the format of a Word document and PDF.

  • I will have the draft ready for approval within 14 days of our interview. (If this is a longer story we can discuss timelines.)

  • Your story will be received with no judgement and will remain confidential.

Investment: $450 + GST/PST if applicable (up to 5 pages)

Graphic designed PDF of Ethical Legacy Letter: $100

Additional pages: $50 each

Updates and edits can be ordered as needed.

Payable upon booking via e-transfer or PayPal.

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