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Wanda St. Hilaire

Freelance Writer & Author


Honing the art of story
for twenty-four years

Writing on Beach

Ad Story Writing
for the
Enlightened Entrepreneur

You have a story to tell ...

We'll begin with an interview. I'll learn about what you do, why you do it, and together we'll excavate relevant and interesting details. Afterwards, I'll take a look at your website to get a further understanding of your services.


Next, I'll craft your story (a legacy piece) for a multitude of ad copy uses.

Within 10 days of our interview, you will receive the draft copy for approval, and if edits are required, they will be handled immediately. Once you are completely satisfied with your story, you will receive:

  • A Word document of the story (up to an approximation of 1000 words).

  • A unique PDF of the piece.

  • Quotes pulled from the interview or piece to use on social media, etc.


Investment: $495 + GST

Deposit: $350 + GST (payable upon booking interview via e-transfer or PayPal)

Balance payable upon final approval of copy.

Human Interest Story Writing

Your investment will vary depending on the scope of your needs. Please contact me to discuss the project.

Self-Publishing Consultation

During your phone consultation you’ll learn:


• The key aspects of maneuvering through the world of self-publishing.

• How to create a professional book that meets traditional book standards.

• The difference between self-publishing and supported self-publishing (and traditional publishing) to determine which path is best for you.

• How to sell worldwide online for end users (readers) and set up wholesale distribution for bookstores, libraries, retailers, and institutions for both e-book and paperback.

• How to negotiate with independent bookstores so that you don’t end up with a financial loss.


I will also answer questions that pertain specifically to your project. You'll get an info-packed session, so be prepared to take notes and feel free to record the call.


Investment: $111 + GST

Payable upon booking via e-transfer or PayPal.

Words to incite impassioned odysseys through life.

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