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Concierge Profile Writing

for Online Dating

Are you not getting the response you’d hoped for when you ventured into your online dating search? A boring or poorly written profile and unappealing photos can get you an instantaneous “delete!”

Online, you are what you post. You don’t need an essay, but you do need a concise, fun, and accurate depiction of the authentic, one-of-a-kind you, along with a good selection of compelling photos.

Take note that the highest quality women and men online often receive dozens of emails a week, and with that in mind, you want to stand out, minus worn out cliches.  


Without personal contact, a prospective partner needs to be able to visualize who you are within a couple of minutes, and more importantly, be captivated. Your goal is to find the right one, not an onslaught of anyones.

You’ll be thrilled with my profile writing service if:


  • You have a profile that is not getting action.

  • You want to get responses from high calibre potential partners seeking what you’re seeking.

  • You would prefer not to waste energy and high fees on a site by going on low quality dates.

  • You bloody hate writing. 

  • You don’t know what to say or how to say it.

  • You want to showcase your authenticity and your character assets.

  • You don’t have the patience or skills to sit and write a really good profile.

  • You are having a hard time being objective about yourself.

  • You are new to internet dating.

  • You want an awesome profile that gets high quality responses. 

  • English is your second language (or reads like it is).


This is a highly personalized service unlike others; no filling out questionnaires ...

I will personally interview you to get a true idea of who you are and what you want,

and carefully review and advise on your photos. I'm skilled at writing the story of you.

Is finding the love of your life worth the investment? 

Rise high above the 'competition' with a well-crafted profile

so that the best of best take notice.

Take this easy step to online dating success.


Give Joy

Spread love with a postcard

from the Universe or God


Do you know someone in need of inspiration, comfort, or encouragement?

This is a "goodwill ambassador" feel good service that I love to do. I will create and handwrite a personal message, with thought and care, on a postcard (from 'God' or 'the Universe') to someone you care about, anonymously. 

These cards are received with a lot of joy.

I will stamp and mail within 2-3 days via Canada Post to anywhere in the world.

Cost to give joy: A cup of coffee ($3 US)


Also ...


At the Buy Me a Coffee link, you'll find a unique greeting card-book membership with my Circle of Life series.


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